No Crop for Instagram


Your Instagram photos don't have to be square




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No Crop for Instagram is a simple photo-editing tool that allows you, as its name indicates, to post photos on Instagram without having to crop them into squares.

Before posting anything, No Crop for Instagram users can edit their photos in many different ways: crop them, fill empty spaces with color, add different frames, add all kinds of stickers, and of course use filters. All the usual photo-editing options are available.

By the numbers, No Crop for Instagram has over 100 background designs, more than 10 frames, 14 filters, and 400 different stickers with which to adorn your photos. What's more, you can add text of different sizes and fonts.

After working on your photo, you can post it on Instagram or share it on any other social media application you have installed on your phone.

No Crop for Instagram is a very easy-to-use photo-editing application that, for all its simplicity, gives great results. Without a doubt, an excellent tool for Instagram fans.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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